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Registering a free account with Comic Query allows you to create preferences and configure how the site works best for you. You can select your preferred online merchants, favorite titles and publishers, saved searches, manage your communication preferences, and more. Creating an account with Comic Query allows you to customize your search results to always find the books you want at the places you want to buy them for the best price.

In the future, you will select and subscribe to an account tier that will unlock other site features that are soon to be released. Please subscribe to our various newsletters and follow Comic Query on social media to receive details on how to unlock additional features. You can learn more about Comic Query by visiting the About page along with reviewing our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.

Comic Query will not share any information you've decided to store and will limit the amount of personal data collected. Comic Query will use the data you provide to communicate with you, uniquely identify you, and to create a better user experience for you while engaged with our platform.

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