Comic Query


What is Comic Query?

Comic Query is a comic book search engine. Comic Query allows you to query (or search) online comic book stores for comic books for sale with a single keyword, phrase, or series title. Comic Query contains a curated comic book database from Marvel, DC, Image, and many independent publishers. Performing a search allows you to see all comic books available for purchase, as well as compare prices across merchants in a single view.

Is Comic Query a Store?

No, Comic Query is not a store. No affiliation between Comic Query and any store or publisher exists. All data, including prices and images, belong to the online merchant or publisher referenced in the search result. Comic Query only facilitates the searching of those merchant sites to make it easier for you to find their products.

Can I buy Comic Books from Comic Query?

No, Comic Query does not directly sell comic books to consumers. Clicking on an image or product link will open a new browser window where you can complete the transaction with the store directly. In some cases, an affiliate link is used when hyperlinking a query result to a specific product. In those cases, Comic Query may receive a small percentage of the transaction.